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The Knight Family

You’re probably thinking it’s a little odd to find a blog subject that includes the word ‘family’ in it only to find the true sense of the word in these following paragraphs hasn’t been swallowed up in some thinly veiled corporate identity.

Knight isn’t just a composites company. We’re more so a bunch of mates who grab dinner together with our kids when we’re all in the same time zone, who ride together and look out for each other on the road or on the trails. We watch for our partners’ planes landing and wait for the text to say “I made it – all good.” In fact, sometimes it’s almost like working with your mother. When we started the company, we promised each other that we wouldn’t lose these friendships, we’d stay true to who we are and that we would never sell our souls to fabricate what we had for some PR stunt.

In short, we’re just one big, extended family with brothers and sisters scattered all over the planet. We argue, we make up, we put food on the table then sit around it and agonize over bills and invoices. We walk our dogs, pay our mortgages, say hi to our neighbours, take our kids to school then help them with their homework. We attend soccer matches, swimming lessons, track meets, basketball practice and gymnastics, go hiking, skating and skiing, often fail miserably at limiting play time on PlayStation, forget birthdays, occasionally forget to call our mothers and…oh, how we wish we had more time to ride bikes.

We work long hours and rarely have weekends off. We see more airport lounges and hotel lobbies than tourist attractions. There is rarely any romance in our travels. Vegas will always mean “bike show” to us, “Switzerland” will always be where we land to get to another bike show or pay a visit to our governing body and “Italy” means sitting in a boardroom with a supplier. “Australia” and “America” is 28 or so hours of sitting on your backside in cattle class, arriving at meetings looking like the back end of a tram smash and wishing you’d had time for a shower.

But you know, it’s really important to us that we’re thankful we work in an industry that we love, that our kids get to see us being pretty damned happy about it and that we all get along. We’re equally happy to share what we have with you, so you can really understand what it is that these “bike geeks” really do on a day-to-day basis…if you’re interested, of course. Prepare yourself to be a little freaked out, because we’re actually very normal people with very normal lives who just happen to make the fastest wheels in the world during our waking hours.

If not, then take comfort in the notion that we are out “testing” for you on some country road in the Pyrenees and sampling the local vineyard offerings for sustenance. We’re happy to dream in that direction with you.