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Wide, tough, light. pick three.

You want a wide wheel, light enough to let you charge up the climbs and tough enough to take all the rough stuff in style. You don’t want to get a second job just to pay for it, and you won’t compromise performance.

You’re looking for one wheel to rule the entire mountain? This is it.


Super wide, super compliant, super tough.

The Knight 27.5 Plus is designed from the ground up to roll fast and smooth across terrain where other wheels don’t dare tread.

We created this wheel for bike packers, back-country ramblers, and riders who want the rolling mass of a larger wheel, with a more stable ride. EPS construction gives the 27.5 Plus its durable and plush ride quality, and the extra wide rim bed easily holds a 3″ tire, for better traction and confident navigation when things get dicey.

Tested and proven on the Baja Divide, the Plus is the ultimate bike packer’s wheel choice when performance and durability are required. You know, like every time you ride.



When we conceived the 29 Race, we wanted one wheel to combine the design elements of road, trail and cyclocross, be fast enough for race day, and durable enough for every day. This is that wheel.

In fact, the Race started out as a gravel specific wheel, but performed so well for our UCI Elite OMX Team, that we couldn’t put it in a single box. The wide and hookless rim is constructed using our super durable EPS molding process giving it our signature smooth vibration damping and quick acceleration when you step on the gas. A stiff, light and compliant multi-surface wheel, the 29 Race is fast enough for race day, and tough enough to serve daily duty, where ever you ride – gravel road, single track, or race track.